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The company's development philosophy: integrity, efficiency, quality, innovation


Honesty, treat people sincerely and honestly. Trust, speak and do things with credibility. People can't do it without sincerity, people can't stand without trust. Honesty is the virtue of being a human being and one of the essential qualities of Galt. Honesty is the basic condition for us to gain trust and respect from others, and it is the basis for Galt to do things for others. (Life Standard)


Be meticulous about the orders of superiors and the execution of your own work tasks, speak about efficiency and speak about speed. Achieve good results in a shorter time. Efficient is the standard for Galt to do things. (Standard for doing things)

【High Quality】

Requires excellence in products and builds products into exquisite products. High-quality products are the embodiment of the image of a high-quality enterprise and the quality of high-quality employees. (Do product standard)


Is a business in my heart, I am in my job. I can constantly find problems in work, problems in management, and find ways to solve them, so that I can continue to make progress with the enterprise. Innovation is a method of continuous growth and continuous improvement of ourselves and the enterprise. (Progressive method)