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Guangdong Baixing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an international trading company integrating the production and sales of the machinery for several industries,such as face masks, pharmaceutical,environmental protection, package and textile. Guangdong Baixing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has 5 subsidiaries, which are distributed in Guangzhou, Wuxi and other places. Company's products are sold abroad and develop the deep cooperation with customers in Italy, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Bangladesh and other countries . With the trust of customers,relaying on the continuous exploration, research and application of advanced technology, Our company is growing better and better.Company has advanced processing equipment, professional mechanical R&D Engineer, also the team responsible for the technical after-sales service. The products have been widely used in medicine, textile, electronics, machinery and other fields.

With the good promotion system, the advanced management idea, company creates the development space, promotes the staff value to enhances the quality of life. Pursuing green procurement, energy conservation and consumption reduction. With advanced production equipment and technology and scientific concept of enterprise development, a large number of sales backbones and management elites have been created. At present, it has become an influential company in the same industry.

Company firmly believes that innovation is the source of brand life. Internally, we strengthen the production and sales management, improve the enterprise management mechanism, and encourage employees to constantly put forward innovative ideas; as the direct producer of products, the employees on the production line can achieve "everyone's quality inspection", and always unswervingly move towards the goal of creating "first-class management, first-class products, first-class services, and first-class teams".